By enrolling, registering, accessing or using the services of ETUK TOURS SRLS, C.F. 16423281001 (“Etuk”), users accept and agree to abide by these terms of use, as well as the privacy policy and cookie policy published on the etuktoursrome.com web portal, its extensions and any additional technological applications, including Android and iOS mobile devices (hereinafter collectively “Platform”).

Etuk reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. Any amended terms of use will be applicable from the time they are posted on www.etuktoursrome.com. If you continue to access or use the Service after such publication, you will be deemed to have expressly agreed to such changes.



Etuk offers to the customers of the Platform (“Users”) sightseeing tours of the city of Rome, on board electric vehicles, with qualified personnel who will facilitate the visit of the city by providing information on the main places of interest.

The User will thus be able to discover the city on board ecological vehicles that will allow him/her access near the main tourist attractions, receiving any useful information.

The tours last less than 24 hours and do not include overnight stays.

For the purpose of performing the services, the User agrees to comply with the utmost punctuality, as well as any other conditions punctually indicated by Etuk at the time of purchase.  All tours are scheduled to begin on a specific date and time, not subject to change. Tour durations published on the Platform are referential in nature and may be subject to slight variations, depending on the performance of the service or any external factors such as, for example, adverse weather conditions, traffic problems, strikes, etc.

Etuk reserves the right to modify and/or implement the services offered on the Platform at any time (e.g.: by including new tourist cities; adding and/or replacing means of transportation, etc.).



The User through the Platform can choose the tour and the transport vehicle (tuk tuk or golf cart), displaying in detail the description of the service and any additional useful information (by way of example: the total duration, the kilometers to be covered, the meeting point, etc.). Subsequently, the User has the option to indicate the number of participants, date and time, immediately monitoring the relative cost.

Once this step is finished, the User, after entering his/her personal information (first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number, nationality and language) and viewing the terms of withdrawal, can proceed directly to finalizing the order, making the payment telematically.



Access is restricted to businesses as well as individuals aged 18 years or older.

Each user may not use the profile of other users. If irregularities are found, Etuk reserves the right to delete profiles and block access to the Platform. Blocked users are banned from creating a new profile. Users agree to keep account passwords or any other identifying credentials they may have provided to gain access confidential and secure.

Users agree to provide their personal information and, upon simple request by Etuk, to produce a copy of a valid identification document.

Any information regarding identity and other personal data must be totally truthful and correspond to what has been communicated. In case of false statements, Etuk will immediately delete the user from its records, without prejudice to any further action for compensation for any damages suffered.

Users are absolutely forbidden to engage in behavior that violates these terms of use and the laws in force or that is contrary to morality and the common sense of decency. Etuk may act in its sole discretion whenever it sees the extremes, reserving the right to block accounts, remove service offerings, act in any appropriate forum to protect its interests and those of its users, as well as to report such behavior to the competent authorities.



Services are booked and paid for at the price indicated on the Platform at the time the order is placed, except for any discounts linked to coupons and/or other special offers active at that time. Prices for services are in euros and may vary depending on the tour selected, i.e. the number of participants, the time chosen, etc.

All prices displayed on the Platform are inclusive of any legal accessories.

All expenses and costs incurred by the User during the tour will be the User’s sole responsibility (by way of example: food, drinks, entrance fees, etc.).

In case of payment by credit card, the User is informed that a block of the amount indicated in the virtual shopping cart (technically a pre-authorization of payment) may possibly be made on such card. In such a case, the amount may actually be charged in its entirety at the outcome of the purchased tour.


Coupons are codes linked to promotions that may be activated from time to time on the Platform. Promotions may be of various kinds; they may also be subject to specific conditions such as, for example, a minimum purchase amount or a specific action such as inviting a friend to use the Service. The validity of coupons may be limited to a specific time interval that will always be indicated to the User. Beyond that interval, the coupon will be expired and therefore invalid.

It is the right of the Platform to create new coupons, revoke them and/or change their characteristics (for example: period of validity) at any time.

It is the right of the Platform to revoke, at any time, one or more coupons for a specific User.



Having made the purchase of the tour, the User may freely withdraw within 36 hours prior to the start of the tour.

Only in the event of withdrawal exercised within the above terms, the User will be entitled to a refund of any amount already paid. Otherwise, the User shall not be entitled to any refund, compensation and/or indemnity whatsoever.



In the event of non-performance, even partial, of a tour for reasons not attributable to the User and/or force majeure, the latter shall only be entitled to a refund of any amount already paid, to the exclusion of any additional compensation and/or indemnity, as well as any contractual and/or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to persons and/or property.



Users may post evaluations regarding the service. Each User agrees that their comments may be published and/or used by Etuk, including for promotional purposes of its services and/or the Platform.

Evaluations must be based on demonstrable facts. They must be written in a transparent and objective manner and must not include content that is offensive or outrageous, liable to incrimination, or otherwise illegal. Evaluations that violate this provision will not be published or will be deleted. Evaluations always constitute statements made by the author (User) and not statements provided by Etuk.

Unjustified multiple evaluations, self-evaluations, and other forms by which a distorting influence on the evaluation system can be exerted are prohibited.



These conditions of use, and any related action and/or dispute, shall be fully and exclusively governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Italy.

For any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of these conditions of use, the Court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction.